What is Blue Hen Creative?
Blue Hen Creative is a marketing and design agency based in the United Kingdom that works with individuals and businesses to get their ideas seen. Our company philosophy is short & simple: If you win, we win. We do this by meeting a two goals. Our first one is to ensure that you have a long successful marketing plan and that your clients are happy with your design work and marketing.

Why are your prices very low?
We believe that often websites and marketing packages are over charged. We want to give you big savings that allows you to have a top end website created a very low cost. This means you can get you idea from vision to reality sooner in a cost effective way. Website design and marketing can be very expensive, we help you manage the cost with our low prices. So don’t waste £100′s on a website when you can get one up and running with all the best features at amazing low prices. Buy a website now.

What services do you offer?
Each plan has its own unique features, its best to check by click on one of the links below:

I would like to buy a product being displayed – how do I buy it?
Just click ‘Buy Now‘ and follow the on screen instructions to checkout. When your payment is successful, then we’ll send you an email to confirm this.

Can I buy a product/service as a gift for someone else?
Yes. Just place an order as normal and then send us an email to sales@hencreativeco.uk and we will take take of the rest. You can also call us to arrange this. Click here to get our telephone number.

How long will my website take to create?
We usually get websites done within 3 to 9 working days time frame.

Can I run a business on my Website?
Definitely! Many small businesses use Blue Hen Creative websites for their business. Whether it’s a simple business site or a full fledged online store, you can do it here. We also offer Premium Services like the ability to register a custom domain name (like yourname.co.uk) to put a truly professional finish on your site.

Can I get my website listed in Google and Yahoo?
Certainly, once we create your site, our built SEO website extension makes sure you get listed on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. Note: It may take a few days to get listed. We also offer specialist SEO services to get you ranked high on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines for more competitive keywords in your specific market.

How easy is it to edit my own website?
It is very easy! If you can edit a word document this will be just as easy to do.

Can I get help when editing my website?
Of course! If you have questions about creating, maintaining or upgrading your website, or are experiencing problems, please visit our website and click on the support page at the bottom.

How can people find my website?
If it’s traffic you seek, we offer a full suite of promotional tools designed to get your site new visitors. This includes helping you get listed on Google and Yahoo! search engines, as well as using new media like Facebook and Twitter.If you want to keep your site private, we offer password protection to prevent any unapproved visitors from viewing your content.

Can I make money with my website?
Yes. From promoting services to selling products, many businesses have been built websites with Blue Hen Creative. In addition, you can choose to run your own advertising partners on your site in order to capitalise on your traffic.

What if I need a domain name like myname.co.uk or have a domain I’d like to transfer?
We can create your own personal domain name with accompanying email address, this is included free in all our website packages. You can also transfer existing domain names purchased elsewhere to your Webs website.

Does Blue Hen Creative offer phone support?
Phone support is available to all our customers and for enquiries. It is available between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

What is your refund policy?
Please check our refund policy by clicking here