Refund Policy

We care deeply about the satisfaction received by every customer.

There are a number of reasons why you may require a refund and cancellation for your hosting account. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

Maybe you don’t require hosting – or didn’t understand what you were buying? Maybe you find it all too complicated and have decided not to do it at all?


What we cannot refund.

Let’s get to the botton line. We cannot refund for domain name registrations, domain renewals, logo or hosting packages. We simply cannot cancel them once they are registered so there is no backing out them. We also can’t refund, website extensions, trademarks, graphic design work, like logos or business card design as the designers would have been paid for the hours worked. But we do offer 50% refund on all website packages with 4 days of purchase. Now that’s that hard stuff out of the way!

We can pretty much refund for anything else as long as you are within your 4 days after purchase, after that it is up to the discretion of the management – and they are pretty good as long as you have a valid reason, we don’t want unhappy customers, we don’t believe in making you stay with us if you don’t want to!


To action your refund request….

This is the simple part. email or raise a support ticket asking for a refund on your particular product, provide your order number and for speed of execution if there is a domain name involved, mention that you understand that it cannot be refunded. The Sales Team will then action your refund with NO FURTHER QUESTIONS!